Uebert Angel Uebert Angel Increases His Scholarship Fund, extends a hand to financially struggling Final Year University students!

21 Jan

Multi millionaire and businessman Uebert Angel has instructed his charity arm UAF to start issuing out scholarships to final year students in Zimbabwe with immediate effect in order for them to finish their studies. The scholarships will only be on need basis and verified by the university.________________________
Currently the foundation is taking care of over 78 university students, 7690 primary and high school students in Zimbabwe.________________________
"While we were doing trips all over Zimbabwe distrubuting food last year, we noticed a lot of young men were at home, hopeless after failing to finish university education because of outstanding fees. We approached the Prophet and he said he is willing to sponsor that and help as many as we can achieve their dreams." - Pastor Felix, the UAF Southern African chief represantative echoed.________________________
What final year students are then expected to do is to send a message requesting the scholarship to be given to them through Uebert Angel Foundation. Kindly see more information on Uebert Angel Foundation page and also his foundation’s Instagram page.
This initiative is strictly targeting financially struggling students, and due diligence will be done by the foundation before one is awarded.

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