29 Jan

1: Number of bones: 2062: Number of muscles: 6393: Number of kidneys: 24: Number of milk teeth: 205: Number of ribs: 24 (12 pair)6: Heart chamber number: 47: Largest artery: Aorta8: Normal blood pressure: 120/80 Mmhg9: Blood Ph: 7.410: Number of vertebrae in spinal column: 3311: Number of vertebrae in the neck: 712: Number of bones in middle ear: 613: Number of bones in face: 1414: Number of bones in skull: 2215: Number of bones in chest: 2516: Number of bones in arms: 617: Number of muscles in the human arm: 7218: Number of pumps in the heart: 219: Largest organ: Skin20: Largest gland: Liver21: Largest cell: female ovum22: Smallest cell: Sperm23: Smallest bone: Stapes middle ear24: First transplanted organ: Kidney25: Average length of small intestine: 7m26: Average length of large intestine: 1.5 m27: Average weight of newborn baby: 3 kg28: Pulse rate in one minute: 72 times29: Normal body temperature: 37 C ° (98.4 f °)30: Average blood volume: 4 to 5 LITERS31: LIFETIME Red blood cells: 120 days32: LIFETIME White blood cells: 10 to 15 days33: Pregnancy period: 280 days (40 weeks)34: Number of bones in human foot: 2635: Number of bones in each wrist: 836: Number of bones in hand: 2737: Largest endocrine gland: Thyroid38: Largest lymphatic organ: Spleen40: Largest and strongest bone: Femur41: Smallest muscle: Stapedius (middle ear)41: Chromosome number: 46 (23 pair)42: Number of newborn baby bones: 30643: Blood viscosity: 4.5 to 5.544: Universal donor blood group: O45: Universal recipient blood group: AB46: Largest white blood cell: Monocyte47: Smallest white blood cell: Lymphocyte48: The increased red blood cell count is called: Polycythemia49: Blood bank in the body is: Spleen50: River of Life is called: Blood51: Normal blood cholesterol level: 100 mg / dl52: Fluid part of blood is: Plasma
A perfectly designed machine that allows you to enjoy this adventure called life. Take care of it. Do not damage it with vices and excesses.
Don't also forget to thank the God of heavens, all these listed above are the works of his hands.
Praise God always is the best way to communicate with him through spirit .
Don't pass by without saying lord almighty I bless ur name for making & creating me in ur likeness & image or simple ( say I thanks lord almighty for making me perfect ).

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