Real Winky D DiBigman

08 Nov

Winky D is one man who has lyrics that will continue inspiring you long after the track has stopped playing. His emotionally charged lyrics are the opposite of his soft spoken and sociable personality. His ghetto schooling was a prophetic reflection of the powerful lyrics which have become his life. He is armed with a hunger for educating the people about the group of people very much taken for granted and life taken for a joke. On the other hand, his love lyrics inspire people to love others truly, for what they are not reflections of their images of what they want them to be.

Born Wallace Chirumiko on 1 February 1983 in Harare, Winky D always showed a lively interest in music ever since his childhood years as the mother confirms. Winky D started featuring in the GHETTO LANE CLASHES against elderly contestants, and his victories in these contests earned him great respect amongst the fans who gave him the nickname Winky D from Wicked Deejay.

With the help of Bartholomew Vera of BlackLab Records, Winky D went into the recording studio. His first songs in like Rasta and Head Inna War coupled by his ingenious stage performance set the dance floors very busy. Ever since Winky D has not turned back, he has released five albums with many charts hits which made him fans across the world, evidenced with successful tours in United Kingdom and South Africa.

Winky D has become the new icon for Zimbabwean urban/reggae music with nicknames like, “King of Dancehall”, “The BigMan”, “The Prophet”, “Mutumwa”, “Truthsayer” being attached to him in the ghettos.

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