28 Oct

Song writing is something that seems to be very simple nechekure,but to write something that does something to people's emotions dosent need to be rushed,&the art of writing songs that stands the test of time zvichibata pamwoyo is slowly dying.

These days I always come across song writers in the studio who claim to have massive inspiration which they don't know where its coming from. They claim to be writing songs everyday, & claim to possess books full of songs.

But most of these artists seem to be putting more emphasis and importance on how fast they create the songs and the quantity of the songs, rather than the quality.They feel good about the numbers & speed.Some of these song writers I came across in my studio presented songs that only had verses and no choruses. In song writing the chorus is as important as the verses, in most cases the chorus is even more important because it carries the catchiest and most recognizable part of the song, in fact most songs are named after key lyrics found on the chorus,in many cases no one cares about the verses till they love the chorus,so instead of writing more and more songs I suggested these song writers spend more time creating choruses for their songs and make sure they are more complete, instead of having dozens of incomplete songs. 

The other one of these composers I met  was paying more attention to the lyrics without paying attention to the melodies (tunes) he used in the lyrics. As a result there are many cases he was using melodies he had used before on previous songs of his, and some melodies he plagiarised from other artists. Instead of concetrating on numbers, I suggested this composer spends time perfecting his melodies and avoid self plagiarism as well as plagiarising other artists' work which is against copyright law.

One thing I am also against is the idea of depending on writing a song via  improvisation all the time,zvekunyorera song m'studio.Anybody who can compose can improvise,so its not a special gift.For adverts its fine because they are not meant to last.I love how yesteryear artists used to take time polishing songs before going to the studio.If you watched my interview with the great Nyamhondera a week before my 50th birthday,he said that most of the artists vekare especially the Four Brothers,James Chimombe & Simon Chimbetu would come fully prepared & sing a whole album as one takes,even when doubling the lead vocals,no wonder why the songs are still relevant whilst most current music have a very short moto wemapepa life span.

I have also noticed that some of the most influential artists around the world have released very few recordings in their careers,but what made them icons is the quality of the songs & the recordings,not the quantity.

If one can't write music I suggest one gets someone able to do it for them.

Ndini wenyu "Kudakwashe Chirumiko" Trusted Voices Entertainment Manager  signing off.

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