Qounfuzed started last year 2020 on a high note with the release of his video titled ‘Sasa‘ which did well on YouTube.

13 Jan

The ‘Life Yangu’ hit-maker in June he had a fling with socialite and controversial fitness trainer Moana on Instagram and he later dedicated the song ‘Video Call‘ to her indirectly. @qounfuzedzw _________________
The COVID-19 imposed lockdown saw many music artists doing live videos for their fans and Qounfuzed was one of them.________________
Qounfuzed also released ‘9ine‘, a hit single which has seen him host Instagram live videos with girls dancing to the song.He also released Georgina featuring Holy 10 ,Personal Person & dedicated Goodnight to the late Moana right now he says he is working on Body which is a follow up track to 9ine which is bound to drop early this year... Georgina video drops this February and many more tracks to come and he urges his followers to just keep subscribed to his YouTube Channel Qounfuzed Official.________________
Check out his last project with Zimcelebs

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