Manyore Shines Beside Winky D Manager

22 Dec

After years of hard work as an underdog in the industry, Manyore also known as Khuluza in the arts industry, finally received recognition by considerable academies in the Zimbabwean arts industry.Having spent most of his management time now at Big Bass Entertainment as the Executive Manager, Kudakwashe Manyore (25) is among the nominees for the Best Manager 2020 in the ZimDancehall arena among the great Banda who has been managing Winky D for a while now and has scooped such accolades many a times now.Khuluza feels honored and this according to him is a milestone. “It was unbelievable, I cannot express the feeling but all I can say is I was motivated.” His greatest joy is sharing the nominee sheet with Banda whom he said has always been his inspiration since he started to participate in music grounds. “When growing up, we only knew one artist manager, Banda. I like the way he handled the brand Winky D, his strategies are out of this world. From there I wanted to be like him. Then there was a rise of young managers like Vocal who also was an inspiration. It’s important to me that now I am being recognized together with them” he expressed.Having started to be in the Dancehall circles at a tender age of 17 as a DJ with name Selecta Khuluza, he managed to prove relevance in growing Dancehall in Mabvuku. He managed the likes of Attah Fire before he moved to Big Bass Entertainment where he managed quite a number of artists and the record label at large. Not only is he a genius in musical circles, he holds a diploma in journalism and media studies. He is also a marketing professional.Since Manyore left Big Bass Entertainment he found it in himself to open his own record label which will be a platform for upcoming artists to showcase what they can to the world. The new record label is called Eagle Sounds Entertainment. “I have great love for upcoming and hardworking artists and it’s my inspiration to see them growing in music than to fade before they even shine. I joined Eagle Sounds Entertainment after I left Big Bass Entertainment due to conflict of interests, however, I believe this new chapter I am opening with Eagle Sounds Entertainment will open more avenues to brighter opportunities” explained Khuluza.ZimDancehall awards aim to recognize hardworking players in the genre so they are motivated to continue growing the industry and themselves.On behalf of Eagle Sounds Entertainment, Manyore promised a loud 2021, “2021 will be a great year for Eagles and artists affiliated to it as we have a lot of projects lined up. We also welcome artists who wish to work with us” he campaigned.

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