22 Jan

FULL COMMENT _ By NOX : Powerful word The first basic ingredient for success is a support system that benefits and promotes art beyond political boundaries. A zimbo will go to YouTube and click dislike on a video that hasn't been released, like literally disliking a video iri yet to premiere. I know a couple of very talented brothers and sisters who decided not to focus on Zim at all because the only thing our people know is kushora. Our people generally dont really like someone who is too good, havadi zvachose. I could give u current examples but nah, ndinoswererwa muma groups umu, but deep down u know exactly what/who I'm talking about. We believe in midiocre and that's just what ZIMBOS are. They can actually celebrate someone with zero talent at all, just so they can laugh at them. I don't blame those who decided to have nothing to do with Zimbabwe. We are an angry bunch who have negative energy on anything and anyone. We have bloggers/DJs and journalists that say they are there to promote local talent, yet all they do is compare, criticise and demotivate anyone who is not in their circle, unless patobuda bag. Zimbabwe is the only country I know inogona kusimbisa zvakadhakwa just for the fun of it, to an extent yekuti tozopedzira taakutoti ndozvakapenga, we end  believing our own lies, that's how messed up we are. We will start claiming and declaring our support to someone who has made it. Anenge afarirwa nekusapotwa nedzimwe nyika ndiye watinenge taakuti ndiye akaipa. Wedu adadisa bla bla bla.. Why ddnt u support them when they were tryna make it locally? Nhasi ave wenyu nekuti arikudhonza tambo zvirikuonekwa nekufarirwa nevatorwa.... Imiiii ka, mirai newenyu wamurikunyebera kuti akanyanya, kusvika kuma Grammies tione. Hapana kwatiri kuenda.

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