Freeman’s Friends Can’t be Trusted

28 Nov

Freeman’s Friends Can’t be Trusted
Freeman is obviously not the only artist to have haters. Heck, he’s not even the only on this list. But unlike Killer T who tends to speak broadly about people being out to get you, Freeman tends to be stung those nearest and dearest. While the title of his recent ‘Color Vibes’ tune, Fake Friend, is pretty self-explanatory, it mirrors that of a minor single from five years ago, ‘Good Friend’, in which he bemoans the exact same plight: trusted friends talking crazy about him behind his back. How about his friend trying to holler at his girl in ‘Siya’?FreemanBut wait, how about in the Winky-assisted ‘Munhu Wenyama’ in which the chorus reads:‘Freeman ndanzwa nekurasiswa nemunhu wenyama/Kana neniwo Winky ndarasiswa pakawandaPangave pari pahushamwari kana pahukamaTinozvipira kunatenzi weminana…”
The Dancehall Doctor doesnt seem to be spared this affliction even in romantic relationships. In ‘Kuramba ndarambwa’, his girl is leaving him for an apparently more successful someone, while ‘Rangarira’ is the story of a rendezvous with another love interest who did the same way back when.
Perhaps when your first line was to invite them on dates to Joina City, you can’t be too surprised when they leave for people who can take them back there for more than a single night Some friends, family, and lovers he comes across.
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